Optium® DBM Gel

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Instructions for Use
Product Specifications

Optium DBM®

Optium® DBM Gel is designed to set the standard for safety, quality and performance in DBM technology

  • Demineralized using LifeNet Health's patented and proprietary PAD® process which exposes natural growth factors trapped within cortical bone
  • Every lot of final product is tested for osteoinductive potential 
  • Fibers provide a natural architecture with increased surface area to encourage cellular attachment
  •  LifeNet Health's patented Allowash XG® technology provides a sterility assurance level of 10-6
  • Optium's carrier, glycerol, gives it an extensive, published clinical history and proven safe and effective in bone void filling applications
  • Ready to use
  • Available in different volumes
Clinical Application
  • Joint Reconstruction and Revision
  • Trauma
  • Spine
Freeze-Dried Description Sizing
TGEL01 Gel (Particulate DBM & Glycerol) 1 cc
TGEL05 Gel (Particulate DBM & Glycerol) 5 cc
TGEL10 Gel (Particulate DBM & Glycerol) 10 cc