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Fresh Osteoarticular Cartilage and Mensicus

Our Fresh Osteochondral and Meniscus Graft Program is designed to offer a variety of allograft choices for joint reconstruction procedures to repair articular cartilage and subchondral bone defects. These osteochondral bio-implants allow orthopedic surgeons to transplant mature hyaline cartilage with viable chondrocytes and subchondral bone into recipients’ damaged articular surfaces. Our facility in Renton, Washington, has been processing and distributing cartilage for more than ten years. We are confident in our ability to meet the demands of those physicians seeking allografts of the highest quality for their patients.  


  • Aseptically recovered and processed from carefully selected donors
  • Cleared via serology and microbial testing through a CLIA Certified Laboratory
  • Preserved in a nutrient-rich cell culture media with antibiotics to maintain chondrocyte viability
  • Radiographically sized and matched using the recipient’s X-rays or MRI films 
  • Stored at refrigerated temperatures 1°C to 10°C, NOT frozen
  • Online ordering platform to submit and manage Fresh Osteochondral Allograft and Meniscus requests