Tissue Services Division

LifeNet Health Tissue Services Division is dedicated to training, educating and maintaining relationships with numerous partners in order to promote donation in their respective communities.

The Tissue Services Division customizes and coordinates services to meet the specific needs of our recovery partners.  The Department of Tissue Client Relations functions as the primary LifeNet Health contact for all recovery partner operational needs. Each recovery partner is assigned a team of experienced LifeNet Health staff, led and coordinated by the partner's primary Tissue Client Relations Representative, all to handle the essential administrative, regulatory and compliance issues.  Our Tissue Development team allows for an efficient, easy-to-communicate process to assist recovery partners.

Technical Training and Education

The Technical Training and Education department offers personal consultation services for all recovery operations. Planned, periodic on-site training that offers technical recovery guidance to optomize the donation is provided, as well as educational opportunities that assist the partner's staff to better understand donor suitability criteria and rationale. Effective, open communication with our partners is the hallmark of the valuable information exchange between us that guides our collective efforts to fulfill our donation missions.

Donor Center Management

Donation Center Coordinators work to facilitate tissue and organ donation and transplantation by decisively managing critical information.  The Donor Center operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and employs trained medical staff and allied healthcare professionals.  Our highly trained team work together to evaluate routine hospital telephone referrals, analyze donor information in real time and facilitate the consent process.

Quality Assurance

LifeNet Health's Quality Assurance procedures ensure the safety of tissue by performing multiple record reviews prior to releasing any grafts for transplantation.  Each member works directly with the Quality Control Laboratory and Tissue Development team to determine if all information meets established acceptance criteria. LifeNet Health's Medical Directors and well-trained specialists ensure that only the highest quality grafts are released.