Bereavement Support Program

The programs and services provided by LifeNet Health’s Donor Family Services are designed to provide to comfort and support to the families and loved ones of organ and tissue donors. From time to time, our services may change based on input from donor families to best meet their bereavement needs.

30-month Bereavement Program

• Initial: A bereavement card is sent within the first week of loss.
• 6 weeks post donation:  A letter of gratitude for tissue families or an organ outcome letter for organ families accompanied by a Gift for Life Booklet, Gift of Life donor medal, information on grief, and copies of all authorization/disclosure paperwork are provided.
• 2 Months post donation: A telecare call is made to offer outreach and resources.
• 3 Months post donation: An Angel Catcher journal, information on the annual donor commemorative book, and Myths about Grief booklet are mailed to families.
• 6 Months post donation: A Survey regarding the donation experience, a Grief Companion program brochure, and information on DFS hosted events and ceremonies are sent.
• 9 Months post donation: Information on the Thanks 2 You program (tissue families) and the brochure “Writing to Recipients” (organ families) are provided.
• 12 Months post donation: A one year remembrance anniversary card is mailed.
• 16 months post donation: Information on the Quilts of Love program and making a quilt square is sent.
• 18 Months post donation: A second telecare call is made focusing on follow up for the quilts information and commemorative book submissions.
• 20 Months post donation:  Information on sharing their story is provided.
• 24 Months post donation: A two year remembrance anniversary card is sent.
• 27 Months post donation: Information on volunteering opportunities is offered.
• 30 Months post donation: A final personalized letter, DFS survey, Mourner’s Bill of Rights are mailed to families.

Donor Family-Recipient Communication

Other Services

• Age-appropriate bereavement materials for children, adolescents, and their caregivers
• Support materials for specific modes of death (overdose, suicide, homicide, etc.)
• Annual “In Celebration and Remembrance” donor remembrance tribute event
• Workshops and events to celebrate their loved ones - may be offered in-person or virtually