Bereavement Support Program

The programs and services provided by LifeNet Health’s Donor Family Services are designed to provide to comfort and support to the families and loved ones of organ and tissue donors. From time to time, our services may change based on input from donor families to best meet their bereavement needs.

Communication to Donor Families

  • Seven days post-donation – Bereavement card
  • Six weeks post-donation – Gift of Life booklet, Gift of Life donor medallion, information about loved-one’s organ/tissue donations, Donate Life pin
  • Two months post-donation – Telephone follow-up
  • Three months post-donation – DFS introduction letter, Angel Catcher journal gift
  • Six months post-donation – Survey of donation experience, bereavement literature
  • Nine months post-donation – Quilt square information, Writing to Recipients brochure (for organ donor families)
  • Twelve months post-donation – Remembrance card
  • Eighteen months post-donation – Final personalized letter, DFS survey, Ambassador opportunity brochure, Mourner’s Bill of Rights

Donor Family-Recipient Interactions

Other Services