Grief Companion Training

Grief Companion® Training Overview

Thank you for expressing an interest in the LifeNet Health Donor Family Services Grief Companion® Training Program.


Have you been helped by people who are willing to lend an ear when you need to talk? Would you like to be there for others who are going through their own grief journey?
We are planning an online Grief Companion Training sometime this fall. The Grief Companion program pairs donor families who are seeking emotional support and encouragement through their grief journey with other donor families who have walked their own journey. Grief Companions understand the unique experience of grief and support to others as they mourn. It’s a program designed to provide a safe environment for grieving, free of judgment, with an understanding companion they can trust.
What does it take to become a Grief Companion? To be a Grief Companion you must have:
· Had time to begin to deal with your own grief (it should be at least 18 months to 2 years since the death of your loved one)
· Time to commit to training (some at home reading and 2 three-hour online training sessions)
· Time to commit to companioning
· A willingness to suspend judgment and advice and most importantly, a willingness to listen and be supportive
· We need Grief Companions of all kinds but are currently in special need of men who have lost their spouse or child.
A companion who has experienced a similar loss can be an extraordinary resource and support for another bereaved donor family member. A companion's non-judgmental listening and acceptance, as well as their own experience, can contribute greatly to their partner's healing process. If you are interested in possibly becoming a Grief Companion, please contact Maureen Mullin at or call 757-609-4412.