Grief Companion Training

Grief Companion® Training Overview

Thank you for expressing an interest in the LifeNet Health Donor Family Services Grief Companion® Training Program. This letter is intended to give you an overview of the training program so you will have a good idea of what to expect of the process.

Many donor family members tell us they believe it would be helpful to speak with another donor family member. The Grief Companion program is our response to this request. The Grief Companion Training Program is designed to provide our Grief Companions with the knowledge, skills and confidence to be a compassionate and supportive presence in the life of a newly bereaved person.

Hopefully, an additional benefit of the program is for you. We have been told that participating in the course opens new understandings for our Companions. The grief journey lasts a lifetime. You may find that studying the written material, reflecting on it, and later discussing it during the workshop will help you better recognize, understand and appreciate your own journey through grief, which will better prepare you to be a skilled Companion to someone in need.

The Grief Companion Training Program consists of 2 Phases:

  1. Phase 1 is completed online with a workbook sent to your home to use as you go through the online program. An email will be sent to you with instructions on how to use the online program including a link and a password.  Phase 1 will help you reflect on your own grief journey and how you might apply the material you are learning to the companioning experience.

    Please Note: Currently this online training is being used for hospital caregivers who work with donor families to better understand the grief process. Some of the material will not relate to you as a future Grief Companion however, most of the skills such as listening and compassion without judgment, are the same skills you will need to be a great companion to others as they go through their own grief journey. Our goal is to revise this program so that it is geared strictly for Grief Companions in the future. We will be asking for your feedback about it in the in-person training. If something doesn’t make sense to you, please keep in mind the audience this is currently aimed at.

    This Phase 1 online program must be completed before you attend the Phase 2 in-person training. Also, please bring your Phase 1 workbook with you to the Phase 2 class.

  2. Phase 2 is the one-day workshop directed by a LifeNet Health trainer. We will cover much of the same information in Phase 1, but in more depth and with interactive exercises and a strong emphasis on listening skills practice. There will also be additional topics and information covered. You will then be certified as a LifeNet Health Grief Companion and be eligible for assignment with a newly bereaved partner.


Are you a:

LifeNet Health donor family?
At least 18 months from your loved one’s donation?
Able and eager to be a compassionate presence for another?
Have a current email address and experience working with email features and Microsoft Word?
If you answer “Yes” to all 4 questions and want to be trained as a grief companion please contact us.