ReadiGraft® Demineralized Fibers

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Product Specifications

Readigraft® BLX DBM Fibers

Readigraft® BLX DBM Fibers*
ReadiGraft BLX Fibers are a proprietary mix of demineralized cortical fibers and mineralized cancellous
chips specifically engineered to maintain the osteoinductive potential and osteoconductive properties
of the graft while providing surgeons with the operative flexibility to customize hydrating options to fit
patient’s needs.

* International use only, not available in all markets

  • Osteoconductive: The natural osteoconductive porous architecture of cancellous bone and the increased surface area of demineralized cortical fibers provides a scaffold for cellular attachment and proliferation
  • Osteoinductive Potential: The cortical fibers are demineralized using LifeNet Health’s patented and proprietary PAD® technology. This technology carefully exposes natural growth factors trapped within cortical bone while maintaining its inherent osteoinductive potential.
  • No Carrier: Contains no fillers or carriers commonly used in bone putties and gels
  • Customizable Hydration: Allows surgeons to customize hydration options to fit patient’s needs by the following hydration options:
    • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
    • Bone Marrow Aspirate (BMA)
    • Whole Blood
    • Saline
    • Antibiotic Solution
  • Biocompatible: ReadiGraft BLX DBM Fibers are comprised of 100% natural bone matrix which is remodeled naturally during the bone healing process
  • Sterile: Sterilized using proprietary and patented Allowash XG® technology. This technology provides a sterility assurance level of 10-6, without compromising the implant’s inherent osteoconductivity or osteoinductive potential.
Clinical Application
  • Any surgical application that requires bone void filler
Freeze-Dried Description Sizing
DF-1002 BLX DBM Fibers 2 cc
DF-1003 BLX DBM Fibers 5 cc
DF-1004 BLX DBM Fibers 15 cc
DF-1005 BLX DBM Fibers 30 cc
DF-1006 BLX DBM Fibers 10 cc