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A Partnership Built on Trust.

LifeNet Health is pleased to provide this information about our products, technologies, and services that have improved allograft safety, clinical effectiveness, and ease of use — helping maximize efficiency in both patient care and cost. Our comprehensive portfolio allows healthcare systems to get more solutions from a single source – freeing time and resources to focus on providing the highest quality patient care.

LifeNet Health helps save lives, restore health and give hope for thousands of patients each year. It is the world’s most-trusted provider of transplant solutions, from organ procurement to new innovations in allograft technologies and cellular therapies — a leader in the field of regenerative medicine, while always honoring the donors and healthcare professionals that allow the healing process.

Our full line of allografts provides surgeons with the tools they need to improve the lives of patients. We provide exemplary service to clinicians and hospitals by making the finest quality allograft implants easily accessible.


The Value of Working with LifeNet Health




We have refined and defined safety in the allograft industry. Our validated processes, quality systems, and technologies are designed to ensure patient safety — reducing the probability of infection that could be caused by an allograft implant. In fact, since 1995, more than seven million allografts processed using Allowash® technology have been distributed by LifeNet Health with no disease transmission.

LifeNet Health’s tissue processing environment is designed to ensure allograft quality and safety. Through the consistent application of quality systems, quality control, and design control processes, LifeNet Health is both a medical device company and a tissue bank, and our allografts are designed and manufactured to ensure the highest possible quality. LifeNet Health grafts consistently perform as they should, allowing medical professionals to focus on the procedure, and patients to focus on healing. Year after year, this dedication to quality is validated internally and vetted by health-care organizations and industry partners, as well as government and industry regulators.

LifeNet Health works with best-in-class distribution partners who are dedicated to meeting surgeon and patient needs and saving valuable time. LifeNet Health supports hospital staff by working to provide educational materials and customer support services.


LifeNet Health is a leader in our industry, bringing clinicians, patients and researchers the most up-to-date solutions. LifeNet Health consistently provides the products, technologies, and services designed to improve safety, clinical effectiveness, ease of use and, ultimately, cost. Since opening its doors in 2012, the Institute of Regenerative Medicine has been a hub of research and development activity, dedicated to meeting clinical and scientific needs now — and in the future.


Many of the world’s largest orthopedics companies rely on LifeNet Health’s expertise and experience. As a non-profit organization, LifeNet Health is able to focus our energies and passion to our mission of saving lives and restoring health -- not shareholders’ concerns for the bottom line.

Supply Chain & Reliability

LifeNet Health has among the world’s largest access to donor tissue through our dedicated recovery teams and partnerships with world-class, non-profit recovery agencies. Our global production and distribution infrastructure ensures uninterrupted distribution of our comprehensive portfolio of allograft implants.