About Us

About Us

LifeNet Health Mission

Saving Lives. Restoring Health. Giving Hope.

LifeNet Health Vision

LifeNet Health will be the leading provider of organ donation and tissue banking services through strong partnerships, planned growth, and promotion of operational efficiency and innovation.

LifeNet Health Guiding Principles

We believe, as a leader in the field of organ and tissue donation and transplantation, our responsibility is to protect the integrity of the donation process. The ever-increasing need for our services demand personal dedication and commitment to innovation and excellence. It is through our service to donors, donor families, transplant recipients, the community, and each other that we achieve our mission.

We are a community of individuals with a common purpose: to serve others by being good stewards of a precious gift offered to those in need. We value those who give, offering others the chance to live life to its fullest through organ and tissue transplantation. We act in a responsible and prudent manner to educate the public about donation and its endless possibilities: to carry out a donor's wish for donation, and to seek new opportunities so that a donor's wish provides fulfillment of life for others, all of which require unending commitment to our mission.

A brief history of LifeNet Health

Founded in 1982 as Eastern Virginia Tissue Bank (EVTB), LifeNet Health has grown into an OPO serving much of Virginia with full transplant services as a leader in the field.

In 1986, the Richmond Organ Procurement Organization (OPO) asked the Eastern Virginia Tissue Bank to merge with the OPO.

In 1989, EVTB became LifeNet.

In 1999, LifeNet tissue banking merged with the OPO.

In 2007, LifeNet became LifeNet Health.

About Us