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We at LifeNet Health of Florida are committed, not only to helping others through transplantation, but to helping through research as well. Therefore, we have aligned ourselves with reputable research partners, ensuring that these gifts may be possible. In addition, our parent company LifeNet Health's internal focus on Research and Development has resulted in numerous patents. As part of its commitment to advancing allografts and the field of tissue banking, LifeNet Health has developed key innovations such as proprietary and patented cleaning, demineralization, and composite allograft technologies.

Hospital Education

LifeNet Health is dedicated to educating healthcare professionals in their critical role concerning the donation process. We accomplish this through unit rounding, hospital new hire orientation's, participation in employee health fairs, attending staff meetings as needed and other events within the hospital.  We also have a quarterly hospital newsletter that allows us to communicate current policies, new trends and future events.  LifeNet Health believes giving back to our hospitals through our no cost continued education programs that target important topics to healthcare professionals such as compassion fatigue, grief and loss, improving safety in tissue transplants and many more.

Community Education

LifeNet Health of Florida, Inc. provides education, adhering to the guidelines of state requirements as well as recovery services to provide safe human tissue for transplant. LifeNet Health of Florida's primary goal is to serve our donor families as well as our local community, constantly upholding the utmost respect and dignity for human life. Heavy emphasis shall be placed on educating both health care providers as well as the public. By doing so, we hope to make everyone more aware, therefore more comfortable with their own decision in regards to donation.

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LifeNet Health of Florida, Inc., will forge relationships with other institutions such as hospitals, funeral homes, medical examiners, and all others involved with the donation process. These relationships will ensure that quality service is provided to all constituencies, especially donor families.

Donor Family Aftercare

The Donor Family Services Division promotes healing and peace for organ and tissue donor families as they grieve the death of their loved one. We are deeply humbled by those who have given the gift of life to others and are honored to help their loved ones move toward reconciling the loss in their life. Please visit our Healing the Spirit website for more information on donor family support.

We also offer transplant recipients the opportunity to express their appreciation to donor families through our Thanks 2 You program. Families often find comfort in hearing from the recipients of their loved one's tissue. A simple thank you can be uplifting to the family and reassure them that they made a wonderful decision to help others in the midst of their grief. LifeNet Health welcomes the opportunity to facilitate anonymous letters of gratitude.