Related Links - Alliance Partners
  • St. Jude Medical: St. Jude Medical and LifeNet have a strategic alliance to provide human allograft heart valves to patients in need of this therapy across the country.
  • DePuy Spine: LifeNet and DePuy Spine have a partnership to provide highly specialized bioimplants for spinal surgery and to develop other osteobiologic allograft therapies for patients.
  • Arthrex Tissue Services: LifeNet and Arthrex have a srategic relationship to provide and develop high quality sports medicine allografts for the surgical specialty of sports medicine.
  • Osteotech: LifeNet has a strategic alliance with Osteotech for the processing of specialized allograft bioimplants for transplant.
  • Salvin Dental Specialties: For many years, Salvin Dental Specialties has represented LifeNet to dental surgeons.
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